Dental Care Financial Asisstance Tips for Single Parents

by admin on March 10, 2011

The dentist is a place that all of us fear for many different reasons.  As kids we feared it for the physical pain reasons but, as adults we fear them for the financial pain.  Dental care is not something that is very inexpensive and there is no way to avoid it because we need to have good dental hygiene.  If you are a single father (dad) or any single parent then dentist trips can set you back in the pocketbook and you know that you can’t avoid them because that is what is best for your kids.  Don’t get fooled into thinking that just because your kids’ teeth are going to fall out, it doesn’t mean that they don’t need to visit a dentist.

A lack of quality dental insurance should not be a reason to stop you from going to the dentist.  Doctors are now starting to link all sorts of different health problems to bad oral hygiene in your younger years.  There are financial help and financial assistance programs out there if you are in need of help with paying for dental visits.

Clinical trials are good way to try and save some money on dental work.  If you or a family member is having serious dental problems you may have an opportunity to get your help through federal funded clinical trials.  There might be some prerequisites that you may have to meet but, it can be worth it to providing you some much needed financial help.  If you are looking for a list of clinical trials available to you then go to for some further information.

Going to a dental school for some dental work is also an option that most people never consider.  People may go to a university to receive some special treatment but, it never enters their mind that they might be able to go there for regular care as well.  If you are living near a dental school then we would recommend looking into what types of programs that have available and might be able to get some care at a significantly reduced price.  These students are closely monitored by licensed professionals so you don’t need to be worried about someone “experimenting’ on your or your kids.

As always, your local health department can be a valuable resource for you as a single dad (father) or any single parent for that matter.  They can help you find programs that will help you get you a reduced cost or sometimes even free for any dental care that you or your family may need.  Make sure to contact them and see what options they have available for you to get some financial assistance.

Hopefully you are now armed with enough knowledge to seek out the financial help or financial assistance that you are looking for.  Being proactive with your dental health can help you become less of a health risk when you or your kids get older.  Dentists’ offices don’t always have to be such a scary place.

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