Safer Shopping Online Tips for Single Parents

by admin on April 20, 2011

The internet can be this place that can be so wonderful but, yet so dangerous at the same time.  There are many websites out there like this that can help with tips on financial help and financial assistance.  There are also sites out there that can have harmful spyware on it and infect and steal your information for identity theft or who know what else.  There are so many great places to shop and so many great deals but, at the same time it leaves your credit card information very vulnerable to hackers and other programs.  Below are some tips that can help make your online shopping experience safer and can also help you minimize your risk.

One of the most important things and probably one of the most overlooked things is shopping on safe websites.  The first way to tell if a website is secure is to check and see if the website address begins with a https: rather than just plain old http:.  Also you should see some sort of symbol that your information is being encrypted.  It is usually a picture of a lock.  If you are on a site with these sorts of safety measures than you can expect is more secure shopping environment. 

Make sure to check your computer for viruses and spyware often.  There are free programs out there that are worth their weight in gold because of the protection that they can give your computer.  These programs will definitely fit in to a single dad (father) or any single parent’s budget very nicely.  New viruses and spyware are coming out every day so make sure that once you have a good program that you stay up with all of the updates.

Now this last one may be something that we all do but, it is nice to go over it as a refresher and that is to check your credit card statement every month and make sure that every purchase on your account was made by you.  This may be the first warning sign that you can get that something fishy is gung on. 

In closing, shopping online can be a risky venture but, you can also minimize your risks and don’t succumb to those usual tricks to steal your information.  Anytime you are shopping on the internet your information can be stolen so make sure to choose a credit card that has fraud protection as another level of lowering your risk.

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