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Government Financial Help

You may never know when it might be time to ask for some financial help but, when your finances are stretching thin; now is the time.  Government Financial Help Programs out there and they are funded by your tax dollars.  These programs are there to assist anyone whom may need them.  All you have to do is find them.

Food Stamps:  In 1964 the food stamp program was established.  It has basically wiped out malnutrition but, the real lingering problem, hunger still does exist.  You may be someone who is looking at your cupboards and pantries and notice that they are a little bit emptier than they were before.  This program gives millions of dollars to families each month to try and eradicate hunger in this country once and for all.

Families First (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families)If you are one of hundreds of thousands of families that struggling to keep up with your ever increasing living expenses, than this program may be for you.  It will give you a small amount of money if you have a child or many children and you can’t afford even the most basic of necessary expenses.  While you are on the program (which is known as the acronym TANF), you are expected to work or be training for a job at a minimum of 30 hours per week.  What is also expected of you is keeping your kids in a school, make sure you have a paternity/ custody agreement in place or you have the proceedings started, and finally get all vaccinations for your kids.  Food stamps; like mentioned on the paragraph above, might also be included in the program.

Free Meals or Meals at Reduced Prices:  There are thousands of kids out there that the meals that they receive at school may be the only nutritious meal that they get.  The federal government has realized this and has established a standards and practices for school time meals all over the country.  If your income qualifies for this program, please take advantage of it.  One thing to point out about this program is that it also does include breakfast.

CHIP (Children’s Health and Insurance Program):  This program is government funded and it exists in every state.  This program is extremely helpful to people in need of insurance and cannot afford it on their own.  Medical, dental, and vision is included in this package for your children.  Co pays are usually very small or there is no co payment needed.  This program is probably the most needed and essential program of them all. 

If you go to your your local Department of Human Services office you can find out more about all of these programs, how you apply, and what qualifications exist.


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