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Government Grants For mortgages

When thinking of buying a home you need to make sure you research every avenue as best as you can. This is critical to the home buying process. There are funds available for home loans for single dads. When doing your exhaustive search you will find that there are government grants available for single parents. Make sure you explore every avenue so you can receive max benefit for you and your family.

Even though you no longer have your spouse or significant other with you it does not mean that you can’t go and procure a government grant to help with your down payment. Explore all of your state government programs and see if there are any grants available for single parents in your location. Grants like these have provided for many other single parents whom have families to house.

Always make sure as a single dad that you get pre-qualified before you mention the potential home to any of your children. If something was to not work out, the kids would be devastated. Once you are pre-qualified and you know the funds are secure, the let them know so everyone can celebrate together. Mortgages for single dads are rising in popularity and are being marketed directly to single dads. This is great because who can’t use all of the financial help you can get!

A good real estate agent will do all of the heavy lifting for you once you have been prequalified. They will go get you a list of potential homes that will fall into your requirements. Some of them being single parents themselves and hopefully can provide you some insight on your home buying adventure.

Sometimes you may find a real estate agent isn’t willing to look to see if there are any government grants available to a single dad. You need to let them know that either you are completely dependent or you are using the grant as a percentage of your down payment. The real estate agent should want to make the sale and should be a little more motivated to help you with your financial help search.

It used to be as a single dad that getting a home mortgage used to be extremely difficult. That is not the case anymore. Lenders are now more willing to secure a mortgage for single parents. They have finally realized that just because you are only a single income household it doesn’t mean that you cannot make your monthly mortgage payments.

Never be embarrassed to go out there and ask lenders for money. The worst they can say is no and you would not be any worse off than you were before you started asking questions. This is just a necessary step in your journey to buying a home. All of these steps are very beneficial you gaining the knowledge you will need. If you do get turned down, just make sure you take some notes and find out why you got turned down so you don’t make the same mistake again. Once you correct the issues from your previous experience you will be on your way to securing a home for you and your family.


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